My slice of reality

Hi, I'm Matteo Bertello, and I was born on 13 September 1989 in Udine, northeast of Italy.
I studied Computer Science at the University of Udine, researching on Temporal Logics and satisfiability checking. The result of this work is a tableau-based satisfiability checking tool for LTL you can read about here, which has been accepted for publication on IJCAI16.

Since 2014 I decided to leave the academic research and follow my true passion of becoming a 3D graphics developer, working on several personal projects and collaborating with RTView working on WebGL real time products visualisation, Virtual Reality experiences using Unreal Engine 4, and as an internal tools developer for every day needs.

My personal Curriculum Vitae can be found here.

Moreover I am a member of several associations/user groups like:

  • AsCI, Computer Science student association at the University of Udine
  • C++ User Group Udine, a local user group of passionate C++ users hosting conferences and meetings
  • WebIsArt, a newly born web-related user group, where I stand as a WebGL and WebVR advocate
This site is a personal effort born mainly to have a place to write and organize my thoughts about C++ and 3D graphics and to take the time to cleanup and organize all my old projects and make them available on GitHub. This is an ongoing work but I hope to have something interesting to share soon!

Below you can find a timeline with all the latest major events that happened to me like conferences I've spoken to or work/projects achievements.

Leviathan has been published!

The paper describing my work on Leviathan and LTL satisfiability checking has been accepted for publication on IJCAJ16.

09 July 2016

Conference on Three.js and WebGL

I gave a lecture about Three.js basics and the simplicity of integrating custom GLSL shaders to enrich the web experience during an event organized by the WebIsArt User Group.

12 April 2016

Conference on UE4 VR experiences

I gave a lecture together with RTView about the issues and challenges of creating a Virtual Reality experience using UE4, during the Udine3D event.

07 November 2015

Conference on Data Oriented Design

I gave a lecture about Data Oriented Design principles and techniques in C++ during an event held at the University of Udine, held by the C++ User Group Udine.

21 October 2014

Working for RTView

I started working for RTView developing Virtual Reality experiences using Unreal Engine 4.

14 March 2014

Bachelor Degree

I got my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at the University of Udine with a thesis on the automatic constrained camera control in a 3D environment.

24 March 2012