My slice of reality

BRDF Explorer

BRDF Explorer is a simple tool built to provide a visual comparison between different BRDF models commonly used in 3d graphics. It was meant to be an experiment to both implement first hand the models using GLSL and explore the WebGL API capabilities and compatibilities.

Should work on every browser, both desktop and mobile, with WebGL 1.0 support.


Leviathan is a Linear Temporal Logic satisfiability checker based on the paper "A new rule for a traditional tree-style LTL tableau" by Mark Reynolds. It is written in C++ and has been optimized to reduce the memory consumption while remaining faithful to the original algorithm. This work has been accepted for publication under the IJCAI16 conference and a preprint of the paper can be found here.

The supported platform are Windows, Mac OS X and any recent Linux distribution.


Helios is an implicit surface renderer using the common Sphere Tracing algorithm, written in C++11 and OpenGL 4.3, using the modern Compute Shaders feature. It allows live reloading of the scene and automatically exposes the user-declared variables in the shader as GUI widget, to easily experiment with implicit surfaces!

Works on Windows and Linux. Requires a decent GPU with fairly recent drivers and OpenGL 4.3+ support.

Terrain Experiment

This really simple WebGL experiment is built to investigate the generation of a "chunkified" terrain from a greyscale image, and experiment with frustum culling and the possible related optimizations. The c key can be used to switch between the culled camera and the global one to see the culling in action.

Should work on every browser, both desktop and mobile, with WebGL 1.0 support.

This personal space

This is my personal space built with Jekyll, to organize my projects, write down stuff and ideas on the blog (and possibly start some interesting discussions in the comments), and in the end just give myself and my work a better presentation overall.

It is built to be responsive and compatible with every browser, both desktop and mobile.